Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Unlikely Nanny

This is my first post on this blog, so a little introduction is in order. Having been summarily fired (for the first time in my life and  from what I had thought would be my dream job and lead to a steady career path- it did, but only through the firing incident) three weeks before Christmas, I hit the Globe to peruse the want ads. (Not before my truck died on the way home from being fired, and I walked- OK, stomped off  enraged and crying - to the garden center having - luckily- coasted to my godfather's repair shop to secure a temporary source of income). When I (finally) picked up  the Globe  I saw ads for nannies- at a (then) whopping $400-600/wk. I could live on that.... I love kids...I might not be able to have my own..... Something clicked, and I decided this was what I was meant to do.
 That was nearly twelve years ago. I love being a nanny, and have been blessed to work with some truly wonderful families- and a couple of others. Not many  understood why someone with 'a hundred thousand dollar education' (1992 prices, and their emphasis, not mine) would choose this. But I did it anyways. My current employer graduated Notre Dame the same year I graduated Colby. My last college reunion afforded me the opportunity to meet no less than three of my classmate's nannies (Only they were confused by this- Colby grads are  used to the many personal and professional eccentricities of our cohorts.)  I am one of the happiest people I know professionally. No matter what kind of day I have with the kids, I want to go back the next. And, as anyone with kids, or in the industry knows, this life is rife with good material for humorous and touching anecdotes. So, I'll share- often as therapy, always with wonder at how much the kids and their families enrich my life.  

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